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23 June 2020 - 26 June 2020
Reims, France
Exploring Lignocellulosic Biomass

Call for papers

The ELB comittee invites you to contribute to the conference for a poster or an oral communication. Presentations must be related to the following topics covered by ELB :

Session 1: Structural and chemical complexity of lignocellulose

Expected contributions: techniques investigating complexity of lignocellulose, with a special interest for multiscale approaches and modelling/simulation techniques, combining chemical, microscopy, structural analysis.

Session 2: Physical, chemical and biological deconstruction of lignocellulose
Expected contributions: relevant approaches to fractionate, extract and/or purify fibres, polymers, oligomers and molecules from lignocellulose, with a special interest for original and/or industrially-relevant routes, possibly combining physical, chemical and biological pathways.

Session 3: Lignocellulose as a source of biomolecules for energy and platform molecules

Expected contributions: approaches to turn fractionated lignocellulose into biomolecules for energy and commodities to replace their fossil-based counterpart, with a special interest for original and/or industrially-relevant routes.

Session 4: Biobased materials from lignocellulose
Expected contributions: original development of lignocellulose-based materials, not only to make identical materials as those from fossil carbon, but rather to propose new materials with intelligent properties.

How to submit

Deadline: 19 March 2021, midnight CET

Format: Word .docx or equivalent (no .pdf), one single A4 page of maximum 400 words (without tables, figures, equations), maximum 3 references.

Content: abstracts should clearly indicate, in this order: the presentation title, the names of authors, their affiliation and presenter’s name should be underlined. File must be named with the presenter family name, the session number (1 to 4), and the type of required presentation (oral or poster); e.g. “Smith-2-Oral” or “Martin-4-Poster”.

All submissions should be sent to: gabriel.paes@inra.fr. The submitted abstracts will be subject to peer review by ELB 2021's international scientific committee.

Download the abstract submission procedure : Abstract submission


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Reims, France

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